About Minnesota Website Co

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It's really that simple. I started this company to specialize in working with Minnesota businesses and non-profits on websites, social media, videos and more.

About the Minnesota Website Company

The Minnesota Website Company (MNWEBCO) is a rural Minnesota company (located in Hutchinson, MN) that specializes in web design for Minnesota businesses and non-profits, also phrased as Minnesota Web Design. Web design and development have begun overlapping with other areas like social media and videos, so I've also started to offer those services as well to give my clients a one stop shop for all of their web needs.

MNWEBCO is a home based small business. By forgoing a traditional office lease, I am able to offer my clients a slightly better price than companies with a large amount of overhead.

The Minnesota Website Company was originally incorporated as Solutions Union in 2008. I renamed the company in 2011 to better recognize what I do, build great websites for Minnesota companies. I chose Minnesota Website Company since that is where the majority of my business comes from, Minnesota and Websites. I do offer many other website related services like Social Media Strategies and Video Production.

MNWEBCO isn't like other web firms. I strive to understand your business before making any recommendations on services. There are many firms that will quote with you a service without understanding your business and how it works. I really want to help you succeed, and I want to you to enjoy the process of growing your business online.

If your business is looking to enhance your online identify and better interact with your clients, please reach out to me via this online contact form. I look forward to working with you.

About the Staff

MnWebCo has a single employee, Jason Werowinski(me). I have over 10 years experience in the Information Technology field. I have built many websites over the years from large high volume systems to exciting and engaging small business websites. You can read more information about me here.

About the level of service that I offer

I am in business for one reason, to give my clients the best possible service available in the website industry. My clients have 100% access to me, at any time of day. When they need something, they don't have to go through three people to get an answer, they will get it from me directly. Imagine having a single person dedicated to your web needs, it's like having your own in house web shop!

About the services that I offer

I try and offer my clients everything that they could need to have successful relationships with their customers on the web (you can view my full portfolio here). When I see a new trending technology or concept, I work hard to learn the new technology so that I can implement it for my clients. Here are some of the services that I offer:

Watch the Introduction Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth, a million words, right? You can get a feel for my personality and hear me talk about the company in this video. It's still branded for Solutions Union, but that will be changed soon.

If you would like a video like this to showcase your company, please get in touch with me.