Top 10 Reasons to Choose Minnesota Website Co

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So your evaluating different web design and development companies for your organization's website and wondering why you should go with the Minnesota Website Co? There are many great reasons to choose the Minnesota Website Co for your next project.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose the Minnesota Website Co, put together in true Letterman form.

10) Outside the Box Ideas & Big Picture Thinking
I can help you think of unique ideas to help keep your customers interested in your website. Email marketing, social media, polls and much more. As we discuss your site, I always keep an eye out for big picture impacts. My focus will be on your website, but I will also let you know about impacts to sources outside of your website. For example, the performance and scalability of your website will be considered.
9) Custom Programming Available
There are many solutions for common business website needs on the web, like plugins for calendars. If you need something that doesn't exist yet today, I can custom program that for you.
8) One Stop Shop
My services are very diverse. I can build your website and also design your print and marketing materials. If you can think of it, I can help you with it.
7) Programmer & Artist
It's very hard to find a developer who can also perform graphic design. I can do both, and understand the impact of design on code and vice versa.
6) I will work to understand your business
I thoroughly enjoy learning about different businesses. I'm known to ask a lot of question about your business and processes. I work hard to understand your business and suggest appropriate methods to help you grow it.
5) Project accountability rests with a single point of contact
Call me anytime to discuss your website. You won't have to talk to 5 different people to find out what's happening with your site.
4) Your project is my sole focus
I take on one client project at a time. I won't be juggling your website with other projects.
3) Over 10 Years Experience
I've worked on many website projects through years, both large and small. I've seen successful sites and complete failures. Using this experience, I can guide your project in the right direction.
2) Small Shop Pricing
Since the Minnesota Website Co doesn't have the overhead of some of the larger firms, I can offer very competitive prices.

And the number 1 reason to choose the Minnesota Website Co for your website project:

1) Not 100 websites a year, your website, today
the Minnesota Website Co is not a typical website development firm. I don't want to build 100 websites a year. I want to build your website, and I think we should have some fun building a well thought out, functional, usable site for your customers.