New Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages Video

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Facebook released the new brand pages today. Here is a video walkthrough of the new functionality that includes a free Photoshop cover image template.

Here is the full video about the new facebook brand pages. You can find a transcript of the video below. I've also included a free Photoshop cover image template below the transcript. Let me know what you think of the new pages and the video in the comments!

Video Transcript:

Alright, so on this snowy day in here Minnesota facebook has rolled out it's new brand pages. Brand pages are specific pages used by organizations and businesses on facebook. This anticipated release implements a number of key features, mainly bring the facebook timeline to brand pages. Although this feature was released today, pages don't have to switch to the new format until March 30th, 2012.

In this video, I'll take you through a quick walkthrough of these changes. I'll also mention some pointers for dealing with these new brand pages. So, are you ready to get started Bogs? Great.

The timeline as you may recall was released to personal pages a few months ago. This change brings the timeline functionality to brand pages. So when you first view your old page in facebook, you'll see a link like this telling you about the change. You can click the preview button here and see the new look without it being permanent.

The largest bit of functionality on these new pages is the cover photo. You can see there is no cover photo here yet, but we could add one. Here is the cover photo I added to the Minnesota Website Company ( brand page this morning.

The cover photo gets the prime real estate on the screen. You can do a lot of cool things with the cover photo, here are some page examples from big brands on facebook. The cover photo should be can be up to 850px x 315px. I've included a photoshop template on my website for you to start with if you want. You have to be careful with what you put for content here, facebook has a page here describing what you can put on your cover photo ( They don't want you putting price info, contact info, or references to like this page. Now, you can play around with your cover photo here and the new brand page will not become permanent after you click the publish now button here. So you can try these new pages out before you it's final. As I mentioned earlier, on March 30th, all pages will switch to this format.

Default Landing Pages and Pinned Content
Something that became very popular in the last year or two was landing or welcome pages. Now, I had a welcome page previously similar to this (, and it seems it is gone with the new format. If you had a welcome page in the past, it's most likely gone now. Although the welcome pages are gone, you can take any post and pin it to the top, giving it similar importance.

Admin Panel
One other key feature about the new pages is this Admin Panel functionality that will show up on top of your page once you upgrade. It gives you an up-to-date dashboard into what is happening with your page.

Well that does it for a quick walkthrough of the new facebook brand pages. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you enjoyed it, I hope you share it with your friends. If you have any questions on this or ideas for future videos, you can find me at, and on facebook and twitter. Thanks again for watching.

Free Photoshop Facebook Cover Photo Template

You can find the free template below.

facebook-cover-template.psd109.6 KB

About the Author

Jason Werowinski is President of The Minnesota Website Company located in Hutchinson, MN. The Minnesota Website Company specializes in Minnesota Web Design and Minneapolis Website Design, consulting on Social Media tactics, and producing HD Videos for Minnesota small businesses and non-profits. Jason has over 10 years experience in the Information Technology field and has been part of several hundred website and software releases during this time.

You can contact Jason by using this contact form.