Website Design, Videos and Social Media for Minnesota Businesses

Websites, Videos & Social Media

For Minnesota Small Businesses and Organizations


Hello and Welcome

The Minnesota Website Company is what happens when a guy reaches his limit of cubicles, conference calls and an untold number of meetings just to have meetings. I left the big glitzy corporate world of fancy furnishings on the fifth floor and free bagel Fridays. I don’t miss the weekly time and expense reports to Bob from accounting.

You see, I left to work for myself. I wanted to interact directly with business owners and decision makers. To hear directly the needs of their organizations.

So the Minnesota Website Company was born in 2008. The concept is to partner with Minnesota small businesses and organizations to deliver stellar marketing solutions utilizing websites, videos, social media and more. You’ll deal with the owner on all aspects of your projects. You won’t be passed off between project managers, designers and programmers. One call, one resource. We’ll create something unique for your organization that delivers results. And together we’ll enjoy doing it.

The Services

I offer a full array of marketing services to help Minnesota businesses thrive. Here are the most popular.



Looking for a new website or to give your current one a refresh? We can help. We’ll design a website that looks stunning to your users and is easy for you to update all by yourself.



Need a video to showcase your business? We can help. We don’t shoot wedding videos but we do specialize in producing short and effective marketing videos for businesses and non-profits.



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest where do you start? We can help. We work with businesses to determine the appropriate social channels and help plan strategies that get attention.