Thanks to you 100

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This past week, the Minnesota Website Company's Facebook page registered it's 100th like. I've been deliberating over this time how to celebrate. Do I rent a giant gorilla and put it on the roof of the literal home office? Perhaps hire a spotlight company to come out and shine lights into the sky? Maybe all 100 likees get a puppy? How about t-shirts that say I liked the Minnesota Website Company on Facebook and all I got was this t-shirt? Oooh, how about a happy hour at Zellas?

In the end, I decided to just do a blog post and reflect on the importance of this milestone. See, I've been back and forth on the social media bandwagon since it started. I was a somewhat late adopter being that I wasn't in the same class as Mark Zuckerberg and the fact that I didn't go to Harvard. But even today, I fight with the relevance of social media to each and every business. It works great for some businesses, but for others it may not hold as much value. That's something my competitors seem to miss in their sales pitch, that not everyone needs to have a regularly updated presence. I do think that businesses should at least create a presence, but I disagree on the notion that they need to constantly update or hire a firm to do this for them.

In getting to this milestone, I've tried different marketing avenues, like Facebook advertising to accumulate more likes. What did I find? It's not about the likes at all, it's about the engagement. That is the best advice I can give to my clients as well. So many of us seem to be focused on the almighty like, we forget about what really matters, the likes we have and engaging these advocates. I can't say that I am fantastic at it, but I try to give you all a mix of things and I am working on, tips for improving your internet marketing, and general fun.

I want to thank you for coming into my boat and helping me row towards 100 likes. I sincerely hope you continue to like the Minnesota Website Company, the things I try and do for our community, and the things I do for small businesses and non-profits. If you have ideas for future content you would like to see, please let me know.

Thanks for your like, your respect, and your engagement.

About the Author

Jason Werowinski is President of The Minnesota Website Company located in Hutchinson, MN. The Minnesota Website Company specializes in Minnesota Web Design and Minneapolis Website Design, consulting on Social Media tactics, and producing HD Videos for Minnesota small businesses and non-profits. Jason has over 10 years experience in the Information Technology field and has been part of several hundred website and software releases during this time.

You can contact Jason by using this contact form.