Social Media Strategies

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What is Social Media?

Social Media is a generic term for a type of media that allows broad sharing of information that allows user interaction like commenting and rating. The media itself take many different forms like a statement, photo, video, audio file and more. The main social media websites and services today are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +1.

Why you should consider Social Media as part of your website and marketing strategy

As of September 2010, Facebook has 500 million active users (see the full stats here Twitter has 190 million registered users. The shear number of people using these services is something that your organization can't afford to ignore.

How Social Media has changed the game

You need to target your customers where they are. You can no longer assume they will come to your website for information. Take a group of 5 people as an example. 5 or 10 years ago, these 5 people may have come to your website directly, but now, only 1 of them will. The other 4 are now using Facebook and Twitter for their updates from friends and organizations they like. You can update your website all you want, but if your organization isn't on Facebook or Twitter, these 4 people will never see it.

How a Social Media strategy fits in

Because of the volume of users interacting with social media, it's important that your organization comes up with a strategy to handle these new technologies. You need to think through what your presence will be on Facebook, Twitter, and other upcoming services. Will it be a large part of your marketing plan, or a tiny part? How often will you be updating social media? Can it work in tandem with other marketing and website efforts?

How I can help

I can sit down with you and work through the questions you have around social media tools. We can evaluate how important they may be for your business. Together, we can strategize and come up with a custom plan that roadmaps your organization's use of social media tools in the future. Contact me today to get started!